Thursday, May 22, 2008

Robin in Barrow

I was driving back to my office from a meeting when I saw a familiar-looking round-breasted bird hopping along on the ground beside a frozen puddle.  A few seconds went by before I thought "Wait a minute!  That looks like a robin."  The sun was behind it so I had to wait for it to move a bit to see the orange breast, but sure enough, it was a robin.  

It's not the first one ever in Barrow.  A couple years ago some friends emailed me pictures of a strange bird they didn't recognize that the husband had taken.  A robin.

We still have a couple feet of snow on the ground, and much more in drifts, so it's kind of odd for a robin to be hanging around in this anyway, and we haven't had any really big storms from the south that might have carried it up, so who knows what it is doing here.


Doctor S. said...

It's nice to see another entry on your blog. I didn't know Robins went so far north. Which makes me wonder, what IS the robin distribuiton. check out my blog at

Sue Swift said...

He must have just arrived - surely he couldn't have survived the winter there? And from what you say life must still be pretty tough. Do you have any birds there in the winter months? How do they cope?