Thursday, May 29, 2008

The "Pond" emerges

I believe I've mentioned the "pond" in the TundraGarden before.  It fully emerged from the snowbank today, although a bit the worse for wear.  The arctophylla seems to be intact.

However, we had an awful lot of snow this year, and the snowclearing efforts have been correspondingly vigorous, in an attempt to move most snow onto the lagoon and sea ice while it is still thick enough for heavy equipment to operate safely.  The idea is that it will help keep the mud in check and the roads will develop fewer potholes.

In the process, a loader bucket seems to have caught the bathtub (which is what the pond was in a former life) and deformed it enough to cause a good bit of the porcelain to come off at on end.  It may eventually look a bit more natural, but it will also start to rust.

Oh well, everything is archaeology in the end.  Something for my professional successors to puzzle over.  Unless of course this blog survives.


Gardenista said...

How can we live without a picture of the "pond". Sounds beautiful! Our lake has finally thawed here in northern Saskatchewan. Good luck up there.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I had to chuckle at you last sentence. Archaeological humor;)

You can buy an enamel tub finish paint that might stave off rust for a while. Don't know how compatible it would be with live fish or plants.

I joke about gardening in the frozen north but you are the real deal. I can't imagine the challenges.

Sue Swift said...

How's the summer been going Anne?