Sunday, March 22, 2009

Almost ready for a little clipping!

Everything is up, and the green basil and the chives are actually far enough along that I'm going to be able to start snipping a few bits of for cooking.

The "replace bulb" light is on, and it's proving a challenge to get the bulbs up here due to insane shipping charges. I'm ordering a set, but I'm going to order more shipped free to my mom's & bring them up next time I visit. Don't need to spend over $20 to get two little bulbs mailed. Total rip-off.


MargaretJ said...

Any updates?

Sue Swift said...

Hi Anne,
Hope you see this. So sorry you've stopped blogging. I've been in from time to time to see if there was any news, but I suspect you've given up. If you feel like it, do leave a comment on my blog saying how things have been going. I moderate everything, so if you like I don't need to publish it. Just treat it as an e-mail.
Hope you'll reply.