Saturday, November 17, 2007

Portrait of the Basil as a young herb

Things have been coming up apace in the Aerogardens. The dill showed up on day 4, and was ready to have its hot cap off the next day, along with the 2 basils & the thyme.

The chives appeared on day 5, as did the mint, and the parsley is just showing a hint of green.

Unfortunately, Blogger is pretty much refusing to upload pix.  I've tried about 10 times, so the rest will have to wait until later.


Gardenista said...

Those are nice little sprouts. Soon you'll be eating nice fresh greens! I assume those are sometimes hard to buy at the grocery store around there.

AnneBrygger said...

I'm having so much fun with these two I'm looking for a spot to put another. You can buy some kind of thing that lets you put them on the wall, either one or 3, so that's probably next.

I'm going to be traveling a whole lot until after New Year, so I'm holding off on starting salad greens until then.

Greens & veggies in general are pretty tough to get here, at least in edible versions. Cost does not relate to quality; cost is astronomical, quality is usually non-existent. Broccoli and zucchini both seem to travel well, as do onions, & leeks.

Sue Swift said...

Hi Anne,
Don't know if you want to share this info, but why exactly are you living in such an inhospitable place, and what do you do there? I seem to remember you weren't actually born there ..
did it take long to adjust? Have you actually adjusted?