Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fog & wind

Well, the weather is more typically fall in Barrow, although still quite warm. I think we set at least 3 record highs for date just this month and it's only half over.

Meanwhile, the garden is pretty much in full fall mode, which means everything is brown except a few sedge/grass clumps.

The lemming is no longer in residence. It hasn't been seen since a bunch of owl feathers appeared, so the best bet is it became lunch for baby owls. In any event, things got a chance to grow a bit taller than they were able to when the lemming was here. Sheep have nothing on lemmings as mowers, it turns out.

If it gets a little nicer, I'll go take pictures of the bathtub/water feature, which finally got some plants in it this summer.

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