Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Rather Windy Day in the Tundra Garden

I was going to put up pictures of flowers, and the enlarged drift on top of the tundra garden, but sometimes you just have to talk about the weather. Around lunch time it was blowing 58 mph, with gusts over 70 mph. Fortunately, the winds were from the southwest, so it was actually abouve zero, but that just meant we got heavy snow with the wind! I took a couple of pictures of the garden from the living room window. The first one shows the garden with the ever-stylish power pole on the left, and the guy wire at about mid-frame; the other is the view across the tundra garden to thenearest house, which is the ghostly thing in the background.

The winds have dropped to about 38mph, with gusts only to 55mph, but they are more in the west, and it's getting colder. The window for our spare bedroom is now entirely covered with a drift, which wasn't there at all yesterday. The drift on the tundra garden seems to be growing too.

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Amy Stewart said...

OK, I promise to never complain about the whether again! We're cheering you on from the lower 48. Keep us posted!