Monday, January 30, 2006

Connectivity (or the lack thereof) at the Top of the World

Believe it or not, I started this blog from a hotel room in Cambridge, England.

Got home to find out that the wireless links I rely on for connectivity at home (and at work) were down. After much thrashing around by the IT guy, it became apparent that the "Arctic-grade" cables were not, unless you consider Homer, AK (weather not much worse than Seattle) the Arctic. Needless to say, nobody wanted to replace the pricy cables with more expensive junk, so.... After much dithering, it looks like DSL for the moment, and I've managed to slide in a post by dint of going to the main building and plugging in to the Ethernet cables. Not so good for keeping an office staffed, and all the Tundra Garden pictures I wanted to post are still on computers with no connectivity, but soon, soon.....

The TG itself is under a good bit of snow right now (it tends to develop a drift). The sun has come back, so I can get a picture soon.

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Sherron Herring said...

Hi - my name is Sherron. I lived in Bethel and had a good garden, cold and all. I didn't add much dirt and used the sand and Miracle grow liquid watering fertilizer. The crop was pretty good, and Grass - I think I had the first lawn. I cut it with scissors, it was only about ten feet square, and no lawn mower to be found, but it gave me courage to have a bigger lawn at my next place. Please let us know what happened in Barrow. Yea! for your courage- Keep and post the pictures for us as soon as you can - sure looking forward to those. Sherron